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Rookie Agent Real Estate is just that...real estate for rookie agents! If you're new to the industry and looking for what's next, look no further. We provide the scripts, job aids, and coaching you'll need to leverage your runway and jumpstart your career.

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Why Rookie Agent Real Estate?

There are roughly 38,000 people that apply for a real estate license every year in Texas. Of those 38,000 applicants, 19,000 pass the exam and receive their inactive license, with 12,500 joining a brokerage shortly after. Of these licensed agents, 6,200 will stop working at it within the first 12 months. By the time they reach year two, only 2,300 will still have an active (or practicing) license. By year three, that number drops to 1,625 actively licensed agents. So where's the disconnect? And what's missing?

There could be a number of factors contributing to failure—personal or otherwise—but here's where we see the biggest problems:

1. Time wasted testing out unproven ideas on getting clients and lead generation

2. Too much uncertainty resulting in analysis paralysis and frustration with moving forward

3. Lack of focus on the most important money-making activities that actually drive business

We believe anyone can be successful in real estate (especially the smart cookies), but most will fail regardless because they didn't have access to the proper training and resources before getting started. 

We realized that almost every new agent who came through our doors had little idea of what to do next. We also realized no one ever told them that there are a number of things they could have done, both prior to and immediately after licensure, that would have set them up for major success and set them apart from their colleagues. 

Thus, we call it Rookie Agent Real Estate because we're creating pathways to skip the BS and streamline who can be successful.


Yearly applicants


Receive licensure


Join brokerages


Still active by year three


Still active by year two


Quit by month 12

Don't fall short to the competition. We can help you build the right habits—not just to survive—but to join the 1% of real estate agents who thrive. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

New? Start Here!

New to real estate? We have everything you need to get started. Stock your professional toolbox with the best resources.

Live Webinars

We host online seminars to check in, answer your questions, and make sure you have everything you need to meet your goals.

Scripts & Job Aids

Time is money, so don't waste yours wondering what you should've done (or said) differently. 

Check it Out!

Sign up to get access to the scripts, job aids, and coaching you'll need to succeed in the real estate industry. 

Our Solution

The solution is for us to get what we know into your hands at a time when you need it the most. We provide the scripts, job aids, and coaching you'll need to leverage your runway and jumpstart your career.

Checklists, Forms & Job Aids

Our checklists, forms, and job aids are tailored to ensure you don't miss a single beat on the job.

Having (and following) the right set of directions can be the difference between success and failure in real estate. RARE provides you with the tools you'll need to make it from contract to close in your first transaction (and beyond!), including checklists for properly executing open houses and home walkthroughs, taking on new listings, and working with new buyers. 

Scripts for New Agents

Time is money, right? So don't waste yours wondering what you should've said or done differently. 

Our book of new agent conversations provides you with 90+ scripts on everything you need to know about lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, making and receiving offers, and—last but certainly not least—negotiation. Create more leads, navigate more offers, and close more deals with these tools.

Database Development

Working your database is the ultimate foundation of a real estate career that lasts.

But first—you have to build one out, and that's where new agents can begin to struggle. What constitutes a strong database? How do you define your Sphere of Influence, and who should you include? Our database development tools are made to answer all of these questions (and more!) to ensure you hit the ground running.

Personal Development & Goal Planning

Did you know? Personal and professional development actually go hand-in-hand. 

It may sound like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many agents fail because they don't know how to properly plan ahead or are focusing on the wrong objectives that don't result in furthering their business. We provide you with step-by-step activities to map out and achieve your personal and professional goals. YOU are your biggest investment, so why not make it count? 

About Us.

Welcome! We are Matt & Christen—current real estate agents and former managers of one of the largest real estate offices in DFW. We spent our time in management specifically recruiting and training new agents fresh into the business, which means that helping new agents get up and running is our wheelhouse.

When we left management and returned to selling real estate, we realized that we still had a heart for helping new agents AND we had the know-how. Not wanting either of those to go to waste, we started Rookie Agent Real Estate as a way of sharing the wisdom we’ve collected over the years with the people it would help most. 

Real People. Real Experiences.

Devin D.


"From one professional to another, Matt Templeton is the guy to work with in the Dallas area! His leadership of the client conversation and his team allowed me to have a worry free agent referral to a great family who had a lot of needs."

Joshua P.


"Matt is a wealth of knowledge and it's not limited to Real Estate. He is very tech savvy, enthusiastic, and intelligent. He is always willing to share his experience with others. If you're looking for insightful and experienced, he's a great resource."

What are you waiting for?

Take that next step. Let us know you're interested and get access to all the best tools and resources you'll need to become a successful real estate agent.

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